Workspace technology.

Work is no longer somewhere you go, it’s something you do.

Technology has changed the relationship between the act of work and the place of work, allowing us to use space in different and more flexible ways. Agile and flexible working practices allow your team to choose when, where and how they work, and this freedom can provide substantial gains in productivity, efficiency and achievement of organisational goals, while significantly reducing costs.

Our workspace technology expertise combines the knowledge, experience and talent needed to design, deliver and integrate the workspaces of the future. Communications and collaboration technology allows teams to come together from diverse locations, allowing you to re-design your physical space around activities rather than individuals. Our capabilities cover a breadth of workspace technologies, including but not limited to audio visual, communications and collaboration technology, and innovative network and connectivity solutions.

We’re experts at integrating these solutions into your workspace environment and your business process, to ensure their benefits are maximised.

As well as creating the platform for new ways of working, our technology adoption specialists can guide your team through the behavioural changes this technology needs for its benefits to be fully maximised. Our training and adoption programmes look holistically at your organisation, its culture and processes, understanding all the interdependencies, before recommending innovative approaches to increasing efficiency and productivity in the way you work through adoption of the latest workspace technology. Bringing business critical people together more frequently through integrated technology enhances business processes, while simultaneously reducing the associated costs.

Technology consulting.

Our technology consultancy services create compelling collaboration workspace strategies that drive organisational improvement through the effective integration of physical and virtual working environments using the latest technology. We focus on the interaction between people, process, space, culture and technology to create strategies that enhance communication and collaboration, leading to better business performance.

Our expertise goes beyond the technology itself, considering the environment in which it is deployed. We know that successful integration of new technology and working practices only happens when the space is optimised to provide the best user experience, maximising its effectiveness and user adoption of it.

Professional services.

Integrating workspace technologies successfully requires specialist knowledge, expertise and experience. It’s a complicated process and getting it wrong will hinder your use of the technology and can lead to issues surfacing throughout the lifespan of the system.

We have extensive experience in deploying and integrating workspace technologies into a wide range of work environments. We find that paying attention to the finer details and understanding the subtle interaction of technology with the environment that contains it are the foundation of successful integration. Our project managers focus on user experience and look holistically at your space to ensure that every project we deliver adds real value to your organisation.

Managed services.

Modern organisations are becoming ever more reliant on IT services in the way they work. Your computer network and the assets that connect to it are the hub of your business activity, and you need to ensure it’s working perfectly round the clock.

Your network and infrastructure need to run predictably, optimally and securely at all times. Claremont’s managed services offering allows you to do this cost-effectively by accessing our experience and expertise whenever you need it, freeing up your in-house IT team to concentrate on your business goals, and giving you peace of mind.

Workspace technology.

The successful implementation of workspace technology is all about a careful integration of the right tools into the right environment to maximise end user experience and adoption. We aren’t tied to any one provider, which gives us the freedom to work with best-in-class suppliers of workspace technology, whether it’s video communications, visual collaboration, unified communications or audio visual solutions.

Identifying the best technology for your organisation is only part of the process. We know that integrating the technology into the right environments is key to ensuring its success, which is why we consider the space as a whole, focusing on your teams and the way they work to tailor an environment to their needs.

We can integrate workspace technology into a breadth of environments.

Below are some examples of the holistic workspace environments that we create, harnessing the interaction of space and technology to deliver real business results.

Desktop Desktop
Meeting rooms Meeting rooms
Reception areas Reception areas
Boardrooms Boardrooms
Training rooms Training rooms
Mobile video Mobile video
Home working Home working
Learning environments Learning environments

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