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Our design approach.

Our holistic approach begins by understanding what your organisation and your staff need from their work environment. We then build out from there, combining space, furniture and technology to deliver interior solutions that help your organisation to operate optimally.

We engage with stakeholders at the beginning of the process to understand the vision and aspirations for the project, and to identify needs and priorities. We look at workflow and the interdependencies of your various teams and make recommendations as to the best way to organise your space.

Our experienced team produces highly detailed designs, including but not limited to floorplans, sketchbook and photorealistic visuals, isometrics, elevations and animation fly-throughs. We advise on the best furniture, fittings and technology to meet the needs of each space, adapting furniture to meet specific requirements and designing bespoke pieces if needed. Our estimators prepare detailed costings of the design, looking at total cost of ownership to ensure it meets budget requirements and represents value for investment over the long term.

By working closely with you and collaborating throughout the process, we ensure the solution meets the needs of your organisation in the way you want it to. Our cost and budget updates enable you to understand the implications of each decision, and to take the right path to a learning environment that maximises value on investment, whatever your budget.

BIM methodology.

We use building information modelling (BIM) to generate digital representations of the physical and functional characteristics of your space. This allows us to understand all of the structural dependencies of your space, including mechanical and electrical provision, water and gas, as well as the finer details of the interior space. BIM allows us to share this information and collaborate with architects, surveyors and contractors on projects, enhancing communication and understanding by all parties involved.

Building appraisals.

Evaluating and selecting a property for your organisation is a vital step in creating a workspace that works for you. You might be in a position of choosing between several properties, or weighing up whether to move or stay. The right decision will involve a combination of cost, functionality, location and adaptability. Claremont’s building appraisal service considers every aspect of the decision and its impact on your organisation. We also enable you to compare one building directly with another, benchmarking their relative strengths and weaknesses to ensure you make the right choice.

EOS workspace consultancy.

A successful work environment is built around your organisation’s culture, its people, the nature of their work and the way they approach it. The aim of our workplace consultancy is to decide the optimal combination of space, people and technology that enables your organisation to perform at its best and most effective. The EOS process (Engage, Order, Solve) takes account of your organisational structure and relationships, how work is planned, managed and achieved, and the spaces, tools and technology that are required.

Space planning.

Reconfiguring your existing space can bring a host of benefits to your organisation. Whether your main driver is to increase productivity, accommodate more staff or to create an environment that promotes better health and wellbeing, our space planning service will create a solution to suit. Our knowledge of the latest trends and best practice in office space design covers occupancy levels, office zoning, hot-desking, touchdown areas and breakout zones, ensuring your space is used to its maximum efficiency.

Interior design.

A well-designed workplace improves productivity, streamlines organisational processes, creates a healthy and motivational environment, and expresses your brand. All of these factors contribute to achieving your organisational goals, attracting and retaining the best staff, and creating the right impression for clients. We recognise the factors that are transforming the way people work and the blurring boundaries between home and office. Our extensive experience encompasses designing for a wide range of buildings, from newly constructed premises through to heritage buildings. Our process begins by appraising your needs, and builds out a concept and scheme proposal, detailed designs and visuals, product information, samples and graphics. Our goal is identifying and understanding the culture of your organisation and translating it into spatial terms.

Workspace technologies.

The way people work and the technology they use has undergone a transformation. Collaborative workspaces provide a convergence of physical and virtual working environments to bring business-critical people together faster and more efficiently. Workspace technologies will help your people to share knowledge and ideas more effectively both in person and across diverse locations, driving organisational processes and reducing costs. Our workspace technology consultants look at how, where and when your people work, and identify the specific technology solutions that will improve the way your organisation’s goals are achieved.

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