Workplace wellbeing – the business benefits of taking good care of your staff.

Why is workplace wellbeing now one of the top five boardroom issues for UK businesses? With more and more investors using employee wellness and engagement as a barometer for the health, stability and culture of the business, the concept of workplace wellbeing is gathering pace.

Ignoring it is not an option, with sick days costing the UK economy £29 billion a year, and a further £6 billion being lost due to sub-optimal health and its impact on productivity.

Getting it right can powerfully address key business challenges including increasing productivity, reducing sick days, improving staff retention and even better customer satisfaction.

To find out more about how leading organisations are benefiting from implementing a wellbeing strategy, download our whitepaper “Workplace wellbeing”.

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At Claremont we use our expertise alongside inspirational design to improve how people work individually and collaboratively to enhance the performance of their business. We think beyond the physical space, creating environments that allow people to work where and how they want, through innovative design and workspace technology. We’ve built an enviable client list, including McDonald’s, Auto Trader, Princes and Marsh McLennan Companies to name only a few.


*The complimentary Workplace Wellbeing Assessment is a discretionary offer, subject to availability. The offer is subject to our assessment Terms and Conditions.

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