Video: European Business Awards

February 2, 2016

Having been selected as a UK National Champion, Claremont is now competing for the title of ‘National Public Champion’ in this year’s European Business Awards, based on a public vote. As part of our entry for this stage of the awards, we’ve created a video which you can watch on the European Business Awards website – click here to watch our video entry and to vote for us.


Our video showcases the ethos, attitude and passion that have made Claremont one of the most successful interior design and fit-out businesses in the UK. The race is now on to secure enough votes to win the UK’s overall National Public Champion by 26th February. If we’re successful, Claremont will go on to compete in the European final against 32 countries’ national winners.

The European Business Awards was created to recognise and promote business success and support the development of a stronger business community throughout Europe. Please help us to be named UK National Public Champion and to enter the European final, by watching our video and voting for us on the European Business Awards website.

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