Whitepaper: Design and build; simply better results.

May 27, 2015

Design and build often offers the simplest way to develop and construct a new workplace because it is based on an arrangement in which you partner with one firm to design, manage and deliver the project rather than one in which you have to manage several relationships.

Complex projects in which you have to manage several relationships can deliver great results but they invariably rely on strong lines of communication and responsibility in the relationships between a base of vendors and suppliers, whereas design and build offers you one point of contact.

In the best cases, design and build also allows elements of the project to be developed concurrently rather than consecutively as they would be with a diverse base of suppliers. In the majority of cases this reduces the time taken to complete a project. Our informative whitepaper explains the compelling business case for a design and build approach to projects.

Download our whitepaper to find out more:


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