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Workplace furniture is at the forefront of the evolving nature of the modern office.

The way we occupy and interact with our workspaces is constantly evolving, as new workplace design principles give rise to new patterns of behaviour that improve productivity, communication, collaboration and wellbeing. Workplace furniture is at the forefront of this evolution. As the way we work and interact changes, the furniture that supports it must adapt to provide the best possible environment for the range of activities we undertake. Furthermore, innovative furniture products and configurations within workspaces can actually drive the behavioural change that will deliver enhanced productivity and wellbeing.

The rise of activity-based working means that many organisations are now recognising that their people only spend a fraction of their time at their individual desks, and as a result offices are being reconfigured to support a variety of spaces, from huddle spaces that support focused group work, to individual pods to facilitate quiet concentration, and AV-integrated furniture that unites the physical and virtual workspaces.

The key to providing a workplace that enhances productivity and wellbeing while attracting and retaining the best staff, is a careful configuration of furniture and spaces that are closely mapped to your organisation’s individual needs. It isn’t a case of one-size-fits all, as every business is different in the nature of its work and the way its teams work and interact.

At Claremont we place great importance on keeping ourselves and our clients abreast of the latest trends and innovations in workplace furniture, as we understand the key role it plays in creating offices that are fit for the future of work. Our workplace furniture newsletter aims to bring you a cross-section of the latest products, including some of the innovations in the market. We hope you find it informative and useful.

A selection of the latest workspace furniture.

These are just a few of the products that are currently available on the market. Claremont works agnostically with all best-in-class providers to offer a full range of furniture to suit any environment, in both commercial and educational contexts.


Whether in a business, education or leisure facility, O'zone provides areas for individual study, informal meetings and social gatherings. The curving construction creates private and communal spaces for touchdown working or longer periods of desk-based study. Screen and desk height, as well as colour, finish and fabric can all be specified.

The ability to re-configure modules offers the flexibility to alter working environments to cater for changing needs. With 25 different modules, O'zone can provide working areas, reception counters and dining booths. O'zone is constructed to withstand the demands of the busiest environment and is offered with a full 10 year warranty for normal wear and tear conditions.


The Airea pod system is one of the most successful pod products in the marketplace, with thousands of pods having been installed since the original Airea pod was launched in 2006. It provides an alternative solution for a variety of private spaces ranging from a phone booth to a video conference room as well as general meeting rooms.

Since its launch, the need for free standing meeting rooms or a flexible work room has increased dramatically. This is why Orangebox has expanded its range with the launch of the Air3 pod system in 2014. Airea has 26 standard configurations which provide everything from a simple phone booth and quiet room all the way through to a variety of general use office pods and larger meeting room pods.

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