Orangebox Air 20 Pod.

Legal workers are regularly required to carry out painstaking work with a high degree of attention to detail. These types of tasks are best suited to a quiet environment, in the absence of noise and distractions. The open plan office, although highly suitable for the communication, collaboration and teamwork that modern law firms need to operate smoothly, has its limitations for some high-concentration tasks.

Orangebox’s Air 20 Pod provides the ideal solution that creates space-efficient quiet pods, providing space for individuals and pairs to undertake concentrated work without occupying the valuable resource of larger meeting rooms. Furthermore, with confidentiality of key importance when dealing with legally and commercially sensitive information, the groundbreaking acoustic insulation provides speech privacy allowing confidential conversations and phonecalls to be carried out in complete privacy.

The way the legal sector works is changing.

Increasing competition, evolving client expectations and economic pressures are forcing
law firms to transform the way they do business. Leading firms are turning to agile working
to stay ahead of the competition. Read our whitepaper to find out more.

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