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The arrival of 'Generation Snowflake': The challenge for law firms.

The steady rise in average life expectancy across the western world has meant that we’re not only living longer but also working longer. This has thrown up some new challenges for businesses, with up to 5 generations in the workplace simultaneously in some companies, from the Traditionals and Baby Boomers right through to the so-called ‘Snowflake’ generation.

This is especially true in the legal sector, where a recent study showed that 55% of lawyers plan to work beyond their official retirement age. At the other end of the age spectrum, leading law firms know that in order to remain competitive they need to court the next generation of promising legal talent.

The workplace expectations of today’s graduates differ in some striking ways from those of their predecessors, and firms that are serious about winning the war for talent need to take the time to understand and cater to this new reality. So, who are the five generations of workers, and how do their differing expectations impact on the way law firms operate?

 Blogs and case studies.

Results-driven interior design for the legal sector requires a deep understanding of the industry's key drivers,
the changing face of the market and the evolving expectations of legal sector clients. Our blogs and case studies
provide some insight into our wealth of experience and thinking around the key issues.

The agile law firm.

The legal sector is undergoing dramatic changes, with increasing competition, evolving client expectations and economic pressures forcing law firms to think smarter about the way they operate. Leading law firms are turning to agile workplace design to transform the way they do business.

 Workspace technology and furniture.

Creating workspace environments that drive business productivity is about more than just managing a firm's use of space.
Ensuring your teams have the right tools and environments to perform optimally in the range of tasks they undertake is a key
piece of the puzzle. Discover some of the latest innovations being harnessed by leading law firms below.

Why is wellbeing one of the top five boardroom issues for UK businesses?

Workplace wellbeing is the issue you can no longer afford to ignore. Getting it right can have
a powerful impact on productivity, staff engagement and organisational performance.
Our whitepaper shows you how to harness it to drive quantifiable business outcomes.

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