An exclusive tour or King’s inspirational London workspace.

August 16, 2018

On 28th June, attendees at a jointly hosted event by King and Claremont were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the international interactive entertainment company’s cutting-edge London office.

The evening event not only provided guests with an exclusive tour of the space, but also featured presentations by King’s group workplace manager for London and Berlin Charlotte Payne and workplace project manager Craig Harris, and Claremont’s head of future workplace Sarah-Jane Osborne and creative director Ken Bundy, who elaborated on the key business drivers behind King’s workspace strategy, and the ways that this insight informed a workspace design that maximises productivity, engagement and creativity among King’s people, while also serving as a flagship space for the company and a talent magnet in a highly competitive, knowledge- and skills-based industry.

Sarah-Jane Osborne opened the event with a look at the continually evolving landscape of the workplace, the changing demographics and expectations of the workforce and the impact of new ways of working, driven and enabled by new workspace technology. Her presentation focused in on the dramatic benefits leading companies are reaping from thinking differently about the way they work, and the risks of getting left behind in a world in which continual change is now the norm.

Charlotte Payne and Craig Harris then introduced King and elaborated on the importance the company places on its workplace as a hub for creativity and a focal point for its work community in an increasingly untethered, agile world. King recognises that the value it creates as a business is powered by the skills and ideas that its people bring to the table, and as such the workplace can play a vital role, not just in providing the right tools and spaces to enable innovation and collaboration, but also in attracting and retaining the best people to help it stand out amongst its competitors.

Ken Bundy followed up by taking a closer look at the robust methodology that informed the design of King’s London home and the way their key concerns and aspirations were realised in the design, homing in on exemplar details that provide insight into the careful consideration behind the finished scheme.

The evening ended with tours of the various spaces in the building, including a number of state-of-the-art AV-integrated presentation, meeting and scrum spaces; inventive and playful breakout and third spaces for brainstorming and informal collaboration; and the iconic central staircase that connects all of the floors in the building and serves as a catalyst for the chance meetings that often lead to new ideas and avenues of project development that set the company apart from its rivals.

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