Agile working at the Dorchester Hotel – a lively and successful event.

November 27, 2015

Over 50 senior decision makers from a breadth of industries joined Claremont in the iconic surroundings of the Dorchester Hotel in London on 26th November 2015 for the first of our exclusive roundtable events on the benefits of agile working.

The event brought together speakers from some of the UK’s leading businesses, who explained how they’ve harnessed agile working practices to boost the productivity and performance of their organisations and their people, while driving out costs and increasing capacity in their workspaces.

Steve Ashton, AstraZeneca’s Global Director of Workplace, opened the event by explaining how AstraZeneca is remodelling its offices and laboratories around activity-based working, integrating a variety of carefully designed environments with the latest collaboration technology to break down barriers to effective working, increasing productivity and eliminating underutilised space.

Virginia Clegg, Senior Partner at DAC Beachcroft, explained how the leading legal firm has embraced agile working to attract and retain the next generation of talent with flexible working, while rationalising its property portfolio to significantly reduce costs.

Infosys Lodestone’s Dave Gibson explored how Cisco has used communication and collaboration technology to make huge savings in travel costs and the associated unproductive time, while also slashing its carbon footprint.

Rounding off the event, Claremont’s Workplace Strategy Director Sarah-Jane Osborne explained the process behind designing workspaces for agile learning, taking the audience through some of the key data that is gathered in the discovery stage to ensure the environments we create are an ideal fit for their occupiers.

The three-course lunch was attended by a full house, and the afternoon rounded off with a lively discussion of the benefits of agile working and the journey that a number of attendees have been on in implementing in their own organisations.

If you’d like to find out more about agile working practices and the benefits they can bring to businesses such as yours, why not download our whitepaper “Get Stretching: An introduction to working”:



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