Interior Design Consultancy

Design is a problem-solving exercise.

Our collaborative approach helps us develop new and innovative outcomes with the checks and balances that true and trusting group work delivers. We challenge our clients to seize more from their workplace transformation.

Behind every successful project is our well-established team of skilled professionals: designers, architects, technicians and project delivery specialists who work in the background to develop and realise projects.
Our creative team produce thought-provoking, visionary and inspiring workplace design solutions.

Successful workplace design not only reflects an organisation’s ethos, brand and culture but supports it in achieving its objectives by providing an environment that is immersive, high performing and fit for purpose.

Evidence-based workplace design.

We design inspiring environments for those organisations that see the workplace as a key investment in their business, people, culture, and brand.

Our consultative approach to design enables us to provide environments that make the most efficient use of the space available.

This takes into account all of the issues that affect your workplace, such as staff interaction, new working practices, expansion or restructuring, property costs and changes in technology.

Our design consultants attentively focus on the end-user. By understanding what your people and organisation require from the work environment, we create workplaces that motivate and inspire, whilst improving the performance of your business.

Space planning

Reconfiguring your existing space can bring a host of benefits to your organisation. Whether your main driver is to increase productivity, accommodate more staff or to create an environment that promotes better health and wellbeing, our space planning service will create a solution to suit.

Our knowledge of the latest trends and best practice in office space design covers occupancy levels, office zoning, hot-desking, touchdown areas and breakout zones, ensuring your space is used to its maximum efficiency.

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