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High Performance Workspaces: driving improved business performance through workspace design and innovation

Where: The Shangri-La Hotel, The Shard, 31 St Thomas St, London SE1 9QU
When: Wednesday 23rd November 2016 12.00 – 15.30

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High Performance Workspaces: driving productivity, innovation and profitability through improved workspace design - RSVP*

About the event.

Join us at the Shangri-La Hotel at the top of The Shard for an exclusive complimentary event to find out how to create a future-ready high performance workspace.

Imagine if your workspace could play a much more proactive role in improving productivity, reducing costs, attracting the best people for your workforce and enabling them to work smarter. Imagine if you could achieve all this while also providing a focal point for your brand and organisational values. That’s the definition of a high performance workspace.

Your workspace is the hub for your organisation’s activity. A workspace that is fit for purpose is one that doesn’t just house an organisation, but that is highly focused on maximising its performance through the optimal alignment of people, processes, space and technology. Designing and implementing a high performance workspace that best supports your business processes is not just ‘nice to have’, it’s an imperative for any leading business today.

Join us at this exclusive event to find out how to create a high performance workspace that:

  • Drives business productivity at every level of the organisation
  • Is tailored around the specific activities of your business, your people and the way they work
  • Delivers business resilience and adaptability through agile and flexible working principles
  • Minimises capital and running costs, while maximising revenue for the business
  • Brings people together more readily to collaborate more effectively
  • Embeds technology into the workspace DNA to enable people to work where, when and how they choose
  • Creates spaces that people enjoy working in, helping attract and retain the best talent
  • Enables you to harness and drive change within your organisation
  • Takes account of all the different workstyles within your organisation, empowering people to work in the way they find most effective
  • Future-proofs organisations by enabling them to anticipate and adapt to new ways of working

At this event, you’ll have the opportunity to network with your peers from a breadth of industries, and to find out how designing a high performance workspace will make your organisation and the people within it more effective, efficient and productive, while also minimising costs.

Availability is limited so please RSVP today!* Register >

* Please note availability is limited, and registration does not guarantee attendance.

Why attend?

Join your peers from some of the UK’s leading businesses to discover how to maximise the potential of your people, space and technology through workspace design – RSVP*.

What if redesigning your workspace could enable you to improve productivity, drive out unnecessary costs, help recruit and retain the best people, and support them in working in ways that are best suited to their strengths and the tasks at hand? Intelligent workspace design is the catalyst that will enable you to achieve all of these aims.

Leading businesses are transforming their workspaces to be more efficient, effective and fulfilling places to work. Effective workspace research, design and implementation are at the heart of this transformation. At this event, you will find out how a coherent and effective workspace strategy draws on a wide range of disciplines, including:

Activity-based working

High performance workspaces are highly tailored to the specific business processes they support. By remodelling the space around your business activities, your organisation will better support your people and the varied work they do.

Business agility and flexibility

Agile organisations and teams can flex and adapt fluidly to an ever-changing market, rapidly deploying resources to meet priority goals and making the best use of the available resources to accelerate productivity.

Managing change

The business landscape is changing more rapidly now than ever. Organisations that want to compete more effectively tomorrow understand that they must harness and take advantage of new ways of working today. This means not just changing your workspace but also taking your people on the journey with you.

Leveraging workspace technology innovation

Workspaces that combine the physical and virtual space can bring teams together faster and more effectively, irrespective of location. Collaboration tools eliminate geographical limitations and time constraints, keeping your people connected and empowering them to work when, where and how they choose.

Cost effectiveness and space efficiency

With space at a premium, underutilised or poorly exploited space represents a hidden cost to your business. Rethinking the space can not only drive out these costs but can free up space to grow or even to generate additional revenue for the business.

Winning the war for talent

Attracting and retaining the best people is a key concern of leading businesses. Providing a workspace that motivates and inspires, as well as providing your people with the technology and tools to perform better, is the key to successful talent management.

Promoting wellbeing at work

Wellbeing is more than just a buzzword – it’s a fundamental driver of individual and team performance. Environments that motivate and inspire, while also supporting good health and wellness, unlock a wealth of additional potential in your people.

Join Claremont and some of the UK’s leading businesses at The Shard to find out how to create a high performance workspace that will unlock hidden potential and performance for your business.

RSVP today to register your interest for this complimentary event*. Register >

* Please note availability is limited, and registration does not guarantee attendance. For more information, see our event Terms & Conditions.

The Venue.

Occupying the 34th to 52nd floors of architect Renzo Piano’s iconic Shard building, the Shangri-La hotel offers unparalleled views over London’s skyline. Standing at 309 metres and 65 stories, The Shard is the tallest building in the UK and a landmark of the London skyline.

The Shangri-La Hotel provides a five-star contemporary dining experience in exceptional surroundings.

Shangri-La Hotel, The Shard

31 St Thomas St

T: 020 7234 8000
Google Maps

The Shard is located on the south bank of the Thames, 2 minutes' walk from London Bridge overland and tube stations. There is an NCP car park nearby on Kipling Street, SE1 3RU.

Event summary.

High Performance Workspaces: driving productivity RSVP

Date23/11/2016 (12:00pm-15:30pm)
VenueShangri-La Hotel, The Shard London


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High Performance Workspaces: driving productivity RSVP

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Event summary.

High Performance Workspaces: driving productivity RSVP

Date23/11/2016 (12:00pm-15:30pm)
VenueShangri-La Hotel, The Shard


Chris Bartram
01925 284 031

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