When education and social spaces collide.

Commercial organisations have long understood the need to create a variety of flexible, reconfigurable spaces that better support the range of activities that their people undertake. But what happens when this trend towards ‘agile’ spaces is translated into learning environments?

Agile working principles are helping leading educational organisations to create future-ready ‘third space’ learning environments that break away from the traditional model of educational spaces to deliver better learning outcomes, taking account of:

  • The need to create multi-functional, flexible spaces to meet a range of different activities
  • The impact of different individual learning styles
  • The drive to equip students with the right skills and expectations for the workplace
  • The role technology plays in delivering these goals

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Claremont creates educational environments that deliver exceptional learning outcomes for teachers and students. We’ve created learning environments for a wide range of educational clients including Clayesmore School, Merchant Taylors’ School, The London School of Economics and the Royal Ballet School, to name only a few.

What sets us apart is our ability to integrate innovative ideas and settings from the workplace into educational environments, exposing students to experiences that will equip them to succeed in their chosen career, whatever that may be.

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