How does variety of worksettings influence productivity?

Workspace research is continually enhancing our understanding of the causal link between types of work environment and organisational productivity. Knowledge-based businesses are becoming ever more acutely aware of the need to provide the right kind of spaces to optimally facilitate the variety of activities their workers undertake.

What is clear is that the ideal work setting varies from task to task and from individual to individual. Quiet, concentrated work is best carried out in away from the distractions of the open plan office; creative group work and brainstorming best takes place in informal settings away from the desk; some workers thrive on a high-energy, bustling environment whereas others do their best work in more cloistered settings.

This move to activity-based work settings has led to an evolution in the workspace, as offices are being reconfigured to better provide the variety of spaces that businesses and individuals need to thrive, from huddle spaces that support focused group work, to individual pods to facilitate quiet concentration, and AV-integrated furniture that unites the physical and virtual workspaces.

The key to providing a workplace that enhances productivity and wellbeing while attracting and retaining the best staff is a careful configuration of furniture and spaces that are closely mapped to your organisation’s individual needs. It isn’t a case of one-size-fits all, as every business is different in the nature of its work and the way its teams work and interact.

Workplace furniture is at the forefront of this evolution. As the way we work and interact changes, the furniture that supports it must adapt to provide the best possible environment for the range of activities we undertake. Furthermore, innovative furniture products and configurations within workspaces can actually drive the behavioural change that will deliver enhanced productivity and wellbeing.

Getting it right isn’t about intuition or inspired guesswork. Claremont has developed and refined a robust, evidence-based approach to helping organisations to map their work processes, the types of activities they undertake and the profiles and preferences of their workforce, allowing our workplace consultants to create activity-based workspaces that are finely attuned to the needs of your organisation.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help your organisation and people to thrive, get in touch today.

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