Orangebox Away from the Desk.

Workplace leaders such as Google and Facebook are well aware of the value of chance encounters and informal meetings in supercharging creativity and innovation for a business. The workplaces of Silicon Valley’s biggest names are built to deliberately encourage these kinds of interactions, creating collaborative spaces that enable people to engage with one another away from the constraints of the desk.

Away from the Desk by Orangebox is a soft upholstery system created specifically to meet the needs of the rapidly changing workplace, as we migrate away from the predominance of the personal desk, with its fixed and tethered technology. Individual spaces seamlessly integrate with larger, more collaborative working configurations, at lounge, table or café height, facilitating both concentrated personal work and collaborative team work.

Wellbeing at work is the issue you can't afford to ignore.

The best organisations know the importance of investing in their most important asset - their people.
A healthy, supported workforce takes less time off, is more engaged, productive and creative, and stay with the company longer.
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