Ocee Den.ZigZag.

In any open plan work area there are times when you need to find your own space. The environment we work in has to facilitate both the privacy needed to concentrate and the space needed to collaborate. The workplace has evolved as new technology has changed our working habits. Large open spaces with shared working areas create lively exciting environments, which cultivate greater collaboration. But what happens when you need a quiet area to reflect on a budget, write a document, hold a meeting, or even talk on the phone?

Den is a range of acoustic work areas created to make public spaces private. With eight different styles, numerous configurations and a full array of accessories, Den can fit flexibly into any workspace. The Den.ZigZag model is the most compact item in the range, enabling you to create highly cost-effective and space-efficient acoustic privacy for one to four people.

Creating an innovative workspace needs a people-oriented plan.

Leading organisations are harnessing the power of agile working to drive improved business performance.
This new way of working means a new kind of workspace, and employee readiness is central to the successful
transition. Download our change management whitepaper to find out how you can engage your teams to work smarter.

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