Nureva Span.

New ideas keep you in business. That’s why teams everywhere hole up in meeting rooms to scribble on flip charts and paper the walls with sticky notes. The Span ideation system brings this proven process into the digital age. A panoramic projector provides an expansive virtual canvas where teams share and iterate ideas. Working in the cloud makes it easy for team members to contribute from their own devices. It’s collaboration for the digital generation – familiar, simple, flexible.

Span software draws upon the familiar tools teams already use to kick off their innovation process. Create notes, images and other content on your personal devices and contribute to the team canvas in the cloud.

The way we work is changing.

Work is no longer somewhere you go, it’s something you do. At Claremont,
we help businesses to embrace new ways of working, rethinking and
reshaping workspaces that maximise the potential of their people.

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