We’re heading to
CIH Housing 2023!

Download our Housing Play Book from 2022 which we showcased at the event.

As a workplace design and build agency, we’ve created a new post-pandemic approach to the workplace – we call it the Destination Office. Our latest Play Book which details how the Destination Office can support you in creating a future workplace for you and your colleagues.

    CIH Housing 2020

    After another successful exhibition at the Housing 2022 event, we pleased to confirm we will be attending again this year. Over the years we have helped many housing organisations remodel and develop their offices, becoming a specialist for the Housing sector. Some of our clients including the likes of Eastlight Community Homes, Bromford Housing, Weaver Vale, Nottingham Community Housing Association and many more.

    Our offerings

    Our stand will be home to free virtual tours around our recently completed schemes, a free workplace consultation, bespoke credentials and ultimately the opportunity to have a coffee and a chat with our housing experts.

    We love nothing better than talking all things workplace & design – got a question, potential project or just need some guidance?

    Closer to the event feel free to book in a meeting with our Housing Expert via our Calendly!

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    Meet the Team

    Richard Turner
    Project Director

    Becky Turner
    Workplace Psychologist

    Olivia Sampson
    Head of Business Development

    Richard Merrick
    Associate Director, Head of Marketing

    Sarah Syson
    Associate Director, Head of Design

    Katie Gathercole
    Interior Designer

    Ellie Smith
    Business Development Manager

    Kate Sainsbury
    Business Development Manager

    Nick Nolan
    Marketing Assistant

    Amelia Eslick
    Senior Interior Designer

    Our Housing Clients

    Community gateway

    Client Stories


    Eastlight Community Homes

    Claremont’s initial brief was to use workplace consultancy to help Essex based Eastlight, then Greenfields, determine what colleagues, residents and local user groups wanted from a new housing association office and community hub.

    Once appointed to deliver the interior design and fit-out too, Claremont learned that Greenfields Housing and Colne Housing would merge to become Eastlight which would place even greater focus on delivering a space built on unity.

    Throw in the Covid-19 pandemic and Eastlight’s vision and Claremont’s design had to change again. It soon became clear that Eastlight would need a high agile and activity-based solution to weather the challenges of 2020 and beyond.

    Bromford Housing

    Following the acquisition of Severn Trust Housing Association, Bromford’s vision was to reimagine its office portfolio with a keen focus on agility and employee wellbeing – turning one building into an flexible, desirable and collaborative community space with a focus on training – and the other, a customer contact call centre hub.

    Both environments reflect Bromford’s brand strong DNA – bringing it to life and creating the ‘community feel’ that was so important to the senior leadership team.

    The finished spaces pre-empted the Covid legacy. They offer all the flexibility, choice and sociability required of a destination office – a gain that has also helped Bromford to relinquish other no-longer needed sites.

    We’ve worked closely with Claremont to develop our new workspace to provide an agile-ready culture and help prepare our organisation for our recent merger. The initial consultancy and design work has also helped us mitigate the impact of Covid19 on our organization as well as prepare for the seamless transition to an effective working from home strategy.

    Scott Bridge

    Housing Services Director, Eastlight Community Homes

    Speaking Session

    To be Confirmed

    To be Confirmed

    To be Confirmed

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