Why should legal firms invest in collaborative working environments?

May 30, 2019    Ann Clarke   

The market is changing, firms must evolve to stay ahead of the curve.

Over the last several years, leaders in the legal industry have made significant changes to the way they conduct business, interact with clients, and recruit and retain talent [1]. Underpinning all of the above is the new workspace they operate in which must promote modern technology, innovation and collaboration. These fundamental requirements have traditionally been lacking in this sector which has had a detrimental impact on the industry. Practices have suffered from silo working and outdated ways of working for numerous years [2] which has caused firms to lose talent and become more resistant to change [3].

Employees demand more.

It isn’t just about the pay and package anymore, employees want to work in a space that meets their needs [4]. Firms need a space that encourages teamwork and has a positive impact on wellbeing [5] this can only contribute to increases in productivity and has a favourable impact on the retention agenda, but what about evolution and change? Well, the key is creating a space that promotes both.

Introducing a smarter, more creative workspace.

Working collaboratively encourages idea sharing and can lead to more innovative and efficient problem solving [6]. How many times have you had a conversation with a colleague only to find they have been in the same position before? Solutions are always easy to find when you work with those around us.

The future is now.

With the introduction of “agile working” at a number of leading practices around the country [7], candidates will start to expect this. But with such a huge change, the working environment must be prepared.

We are increasingly seeing firms introducing hot desking workspaces [8] with a branded “look and feel”, breakout areas and even bars all seeking to promote this new wave of flexibility.

It’s fundamental that firms embrace this change in workplace environment to reap the benefits both long and short term.

A prime example of a firm embracing the new way of working is Shoosmiths who have transformed offices in the South East and North West. Each office has been bespoke designed to create a space that is suitable for agile working, increases productivity and seeks to retain talent.

Simon Taylor, Head of Estates at Shoosmiths, South East commented:

“Claremont understood the optimal combination of people, space, technology and furniture needed to deliver a workspace that best supports our people in the work they do and were able to deliver it to a high standard within the required timescale.”

Seeking assistance on any office interior get in touch or to learn more about agile working see our white paper.


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