Meet the Millennials.

December 6, 2016    Andrew Peers     ,

You’ve probably heard and read the word Millennials numerous times – but do you know who they are, what they want and how as an employer, it’s in your interests to get it right?

Millennials (those born between 1979 and 2000) are entering employment rapidly and will soon outnumber their Generation X predecessors, accounting for 50% of the global workforce by 2020. They will be the first generation to work for longer and will comprise the majority of the UK workforce for decades.

Already Millennials are changing the rules of the workplace. They demand mobility, intuitive technology, freedom, sociability, challenge and more.

They are the most tech-savvy generation. This generation has grown up surrounded by mobiles, laptops and the Internet and only know a world where information is at their fingertips. They are entering the workplace with a better grasp of technology than their line managers and an appetite for self-discovery and autonomy.

Confident and self-assured, Millennials prefer collaborative environments that support sociability, knowledge sharing and team work. Keen to progress as quickly as possible, they want clear career paths, relish mentoring rather than being directed and require variety in their working lives. Personal needs are high on their agenda too, for they want to combine their professional and personal lives with ease, often during the traditional ‘working day’.

This generation is uncompromising and its birth into a tech-enabled era has set their standards high, particularly in relation to their workplace needs. The ideal workplace design for Millennials requires:

•    Social and collaborative spaces where team work and problem solving is enabled.
•    Seamless connectivity so a multitude of devices and platforms can be used in tandem.
•    Recognising that personal and professional lives are intertwined and that relaxation zones have just as much value as areas for productivity.
•    Putting Directors and workers together to enable the best transfer of knowledge and workplace mentoring.
•    Bringing organisations values’ to life so that employees feel wedded to them.
•    Sharing social projects so that employees feel the wider contribution they make to the business and beyond.

Millennials are an empowered, knowledge hungry and unapologetic generation – they’re also the generation that will make up the bulk of the UK workforce for decades. Understanding what motivates and inspires them, engenders loyalty and rives productivity is the only way to attract and retain the best and build the talented workforce of tomorrow.

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