Lease finance is a workplace option.

November 29, 2016    Tim Frankland     

The thought of using lease finance to buy a car is not alien at all – but mention the words lease finance in the context of office interior design and fit-out and it’s a different story.

Refurbishing or moving office is one of the biggest costs that most businesses will face – it’s time consuming, disruptive and can require a significant amount of capital expenditure.

Lease finance is a very viable way to fund your office fit-out and furniture, making budgets stretch further and delivering efficient, engaging and productive workspaces without delay. Here are the four principle benefits of using lease finance to make a new workspace a reality.

Put your cash to work
If you only have a £150k budget for a new office interior but know that £200k would create a far superior and more effective environment you’d want to do that, surely. By using lease finance instead of cash you can make investment decisions that are based on your needs, rather than limits. Plus, this frees up your cash to be invested elsewhere, ideally for higher returns.

Cost versus return
A new office interior project is a depreciating asset so why buy it if you don’t need to? Instead of paying a large sum in one hit, spread the cost in line with the return on your investment. So if you expect to keep the new interior for a minimum of five years, use that as your repayment term.

A lease puts you in control with fixed payments and allows you to determine the length of the lease and how frequently you make payments.

Tax benefits
Lease finance presents tax benefits for private organisations, unlike paying with cash.


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