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August 25, 2016    Ann Clarke     ,

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the use of video in the workplace is all about video conferencing – patching in colleagues from remote locations in a bid to cut down travel time and its associated costs.

The truth is that as our use of video on consumer devices has evolved, so too has the use of video technologies by companies of all shapes and sizes.

The latest video communications technologies combine with company apps, document sharing systems and the internet to give businesses much more scope for teamwork, ideas generation and business efficiency in real time.

In practical terms this means that ideas once sent back and forward over email can be discussed, nurtured and honed in the here and now. It means contracts can be drawn up and agreed all through one system. It means presentations can be given, guided tours offered and products showcased.

It may seem obvious but the success of these tools is not just about having them available, it’s about ensuring that all employees know how to use them and quite significantly, how to extract the most value for business benefit.

Certainly one of the benefits can be reduced travel time and cost, but its real value is much more varied and far reaching. It can be reduced product development times because of the relative ease of collaboration, an increased sense of belonging and company culture because remote teams can put faces to names or enhanced expertise sharing among your team and with your clients.

One of the biggest financial benefits is that video communications enable your best and most valuable assets, your people, to effectively be in multiple locations over the course of a day. For high fee earners in legal practices for example, this increases billing as well as availability for clients.

In a world where clients expect complete responsiveness and access to expertise, video solutions can help to get the best out of your people without having to work them harder.

The pace of technological change is quickening and shows no signs of stopping. Video gives forward-thinking businesses the tools they need to compete and the ability to work smarter, not harder.


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