6 tips for a successful move to agile working.

1. Profile your workforce.

Assess how seismic the shift will be for different staff (baby-boomers, X-generation, millennials etc.) and plan how you will communicate the change.

2. Explain.

Communicate what’s happening and why, the benefit to the business and individuals.

3. Let staff touch and feel it.

Involve staff and give them a chance to see the plans, sit on the furniture, use the work settings, ask questions and seek reassurance.

4. Support it with training.

Don’t just expect staff to understand their new environment, or newfound autonomy, explain how to get the most from it.

5. Accept it’s not an overnight change.

Give your employees time to adapt.

6. Make sure your workplace is fit for the job.

The right tools for the right job, a well-designed workspace will support the shift.

To find out more about agile working, what it means for the physical office environment and how to manage the shift to agile working, download the full ‘Introduction to Agile Working’ whitepaper:



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