What is 360 degree learning and how does it deliver educational outcomes?

‘Active learning’ has long been a hot topic in education, with studies showing dramatic improvements in educational outcomes when students actively take part in discussions, self-guided learning and peer-to-peer discovery*. However, the learning environment has been slow to catch up, and many classrooms still mirror the outmoded ‘chalk and talk’ style of pedagogy.

Shifting the emphasis onto student participation, activities rather than lectures, involving the physical environment and technology in the experience, has given rise to the concept of 360 degree learning.

A 360 degree learning space is one in which every aspect of the space plays a part in delivering the educational experience. Leading educational institutions are increasingly turning to this methodology to create learning environments that meet the expectations of today’s pupils and parents.

To find out how you can harness 360 degree learning principles to create educational spaces that better support your students and staff, download our whitepaper “360 degree learning: What, how and why”.

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Claremont creates educational environments that deliver exceptional learning outcomes for teachers and students. We’ve created learning environments for a wide range of educational clients including Merchant Taylors’ School, Clayesmore School, The Royal Ballet School, The London School of Economics and the University of Wolverhampton, to name only a few.

What sets us apart is our ability to integrate workplace ideas and settings into educational environments, exposing students to experiences that will equip them to succeed in their chosen career, whatever that may be.

* Source: National Training Laboratories

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