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Keep it simple.

Work is complicated enough. Our methodologies and engagement tools cut through the noise to provide lucid, actionable insights that form the basis of a workspace strategy that will drive creativity, productivity and performance for your people and your business.

The approach we take is tailored specifically to each individual organisation’s requirements. Put simply:

We investigate.

We start by understanding your organisation’s objectives, strategies, outputs, and the way your people work to achieve them.

We evaluate.

By employing our tried-and-tested data gathering tools and methodologies, we establish the facts that enable informed decisions to be made.

We propose.

Using our insight, contextual understanding and the knowledge gained from our research approach, we identify opportunities to improve the performance of your workspace by optimising your property utilisation and better supporting your organisation.

We embed.

Our collaborative, consultative approach puts people at the heart of the process. Our nudge-based change programmes cascade behavioural and cultural adjustment through your organisation with workshops, apps, video and web-based communication in a direct, accessible, clear and compelling way.

We implement.

The information we gather forms the cornerstone of an evidence-based workspace design that maximises the support for your people, enabling them to work smarter and to achieve more.

We support.

Change continues to happen. On the completion of your project, we help you assess the success of the project against pre-determined criteria. We stay involved in the property and cultural adjustments as your organisation changes and adapts to new objectives and challenges.

“Concise, actionable insights are the key to a workspace strategy that really works.

Our approach draws on a wealth of data and experience.

Our approach avoids assumptions, relying instead on qualitative data and extensive experience, so we can tailor our approach for each and every client that we work with.

Our proprietary suite of research tools assesses every aspect of your workspace, mapping your organisation’s and your people’s needs to the work environment to identify the areas of greatest opportunity to effect positive change for your business.

Our insights draw on our extensive library of workspace research data, gathered over years of research for clients across a breadth of industries and organisation types. The insights we provide form the blueprint for a coherent workspace strategy that aligns closely with your key business goals.

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