Whitepaper: Professional Services & The Agile Advantage.

October 4, 2019

Agile working is a business concept focused on improving operational efficiencies within a flexible working style. It is an organisational model that combines speed and stability by bringing people, process, technology, time and place together to determine the best way to complete a given task. The Agile Organisation explains it as: “Agile working embraces both the physical and digital workplace in empowering and supporting people to work, where, when and how they choose to maximise their productivity, innovation and ultimately deliver best value to the organisation.” Many businesses perceive agile working as the same as flexible working when in fact the latter is just one type of the former. True agile working is where agility is engrained into a company’s DNA. It can be seen in its approach to decision making, product development, workplace culture and how work is done. When it is implemented properly, agile working can deliver real efficiencies and business transformation.

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