Learning environments.

Creating spaces for active learning.

The landscape of education is changing. In an increasingly social, technology-enabled world, traditional teaching methods are being integrated with self-guided discovery and peer group collaboration, both within schools and in the wider community.

Teachers and students are seeing the benefit of harnessing active learning methods to increase engagement and participation from students in the learning process, which in turn increases knowledge and understanding. Educational environments need to evolve and adapt in order to manage and take advantage of this changing landscape of learning.

We recognise the challenges schools face in creating adaptable, multi-functional and future-ready spaces. Budget constraints and the need to work within the parameters of existing buildings drive a need to remodel, refurbish and rejuvenate. The heritage and character of schools must also be preserved, sometimes within the strict requirements of Grade I and II listed buildings.

We are also keenly aware of the importance of appealing to students and staff by creating engaging environments that inspire active learning and that deliver educational outcomes.

Our experience.

At Claremont, we have a wealth experience in delivering educational environments that motivate and inspire. Our approach is informed by our extensive understanding of the subtle relationship between people, space and technology in delivering effective spaces for learning and work.

We’ve worked with schools in both the state and private sectors on projects ranging from design and build of specific spaces within existing premises, through to the repurposing of old buildings for new schools. We’ve helped colleges, universities and guild schools to create a variety of spaces including learning and social spaces, extensive student accommodation facilities, dining areas, libraries and resource centres.

We’ve delivered specialist training settings for guild schools, including the provision of working commercial kitchens and bar service areas which closely reflect a real working environment.

What makes us different is our understanding of the need to integrate workplace ideas and settings into educational environments, to expose students to the kind of experiences that equip them with the technical and social skills they need for the successful transition from education to the world of work.

Find out how leading educators are harnessing workplace innovation.

The best educational institutions are looking to the commercial sector to incorporate workplace
innovations and technologies into their learning environments. Parents and students look to schools
to provide these skills and experiences to help students to succeed in the future workplace.
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Sector focus.

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