McDonalds Restaurants: Head Office, London

McDonald's - Head Office, London

McDonalds is a visionary business but its outdated London office was uninspiring and its people unhappy. EOS workplace consultancy identified ways to improve space utilisation, bring teams closer together and deliver a more dynamic and collaborative environment while also freeing up 20% of space for sublet. McDonalds was able to refurbish its space at no extra cost and enjoy ongoing revenue too.

Location: London
Sector: Retail/ Consumer Goods
Project Size: 99,776 sq ft reduced to 80,408 sq ft
Scope of Works: EOS Workplace Consultancy > Office Design > Office Fit-out > Office Furniture

The Brief
McDonalds appointed Claremont to analyse how it was using space within the existing head office building on High Road in East Finchley, London. With 100,000 sq ft spread over four floors it was clear that certain areas were poorly used and that the management team was located too far away from the teams. The octagonal shape of the building also presented challenges, with wasted space in the external corners due to column positions.  The brief asked for a fun and company-orientated environment that members of staff and visitors would enjoy. The space was to be open plan and inspiring to encourage communication and interaction.

The Solution
As part of the EOS workplace consultancy feasibility study Claremont identified  that nearly 20 percent of McDonalds existing office space was redundant and that one wing could be sublet. Claremont re-planned the remaining areas, considering departmental adjacencies and bringing management closer to its teams. A working environment was created based on a neutral palette with strong splashes of colour linking directly to McDonalds brand colours and values. One of the key requirements was to create small team meeting rooms with strong graphic identity based on the images of sport and team play, coupled with natural features such as the landscape and images of water. The extensive storage requirement was accommodated in a large bank of efficient rolling storage installed with a relaxing view of a beachscape to break up the storage mass.

The Result
The sub-let allowed McDonalds to fund the whole refurbishment project. Claremont then refurbished this wing for use by the tenant. The accommodation occupied by McDonalds was reduced by 19.5 percent and provided a significant cost saving in running costs. Strong brand messages, including the internal launch of the ‘I’m loving it’ campaign, were used to inspire confidence and the commitment of staff. The office space has been rejuvenated and given a fresh and uplifting colour scheme. McDonalds’ staff experienced a big increase in productivity and  a new sense of teamwork and motivation. The phased refurbishment took 18 months and the client was in occupation throughout.

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