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Bevan Brittan
South East

Project Size:
22,000 Sq ft
Project Value:
£500 k
13 weeks
EOS consultancy
Interior design

The brief

Bevan Brittan has a long-standing relationship with Claremont and required a re-evaluation of their space on the second and third floors at their office at Fleet Place House in London. The legal firm wanted to establish if a more efficient layout could be achieved. Claremont carried out a feasibility study to see if the third floor alone could accommodate their existing business, with a view to sublet all or part of the second floor.

Claremont was able to demonstrate that by changing the workstations and converting part of their existing client space into an office area, they could achieve this. Bevan Brittan chose to implement the design and retain 3,000 sq ft on the 2nd floor, leaving 8,000 sq ft as sublet space.

The project was put into abeyance until Bevan Brittan found a tenant for the 8,000 sq ft area and then Claremont was appointed to complete the refurbishment works.

The results

Claremont re-designed and fittedout the reception area, client suite, second floor and partial third floor.

In the client suite, some of the meeting rooms were removed to make space for a small open plan office area, accommodating 25 staff. A new entrance from reception into the client area was also installed. These areas were also re-decorated throughout, creating a bright and welcoming space for staff and their visitors. Structural works were carried out in the office space, removing the central staircase and infilling the floor, enabling a more efficient use of the workspace.

The second floor was spilt, creating two spaces; 8,000 sq ft and 3,000 sq ft. The 8,000 sq ft area was returned to Cat A standard for subletting to a new tenant and 3,000 sq ft was fitted out with small meeting rooms and a storage area, while also allowing for future growth of the firm.

Claremont successfully worked with Bevan Brittan to reconfigure the existing office space, make it more efficient and allow for 8,000 sq ft to be sublet. The legal firm was also able to utilise some existing furniture, which was adapted to suit the new standard.

The result of the project has enabled Bevan Brittan to work more efficiently and has provided an additional source of revenue.

Claremont completed the projectin three phases while the client remained in occupation throughout the duration of the works and successfully managed the challenge of working in central London, in a building with restricted access and circulation for plant and materials. The refurbishment was finished on time and in budget with minimal disruption to the staff and their clients.

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