How to write a wellbeing agenda.

October 13, 2016    Tim Frankland     

Are you ready to make workplace wellbeing part of your company’s culture? Here’s some advice to get started…

1. Look at the challenges your business faces (staff retention, poor engagement etc) and be clear about what corporate, social and ethical benefits you want wellbeing to deliver.
2. Research other businesses that are doing ‘wellbeing’ well and use their learnings and ideas to shape your own plans.
3. Identify the cost of your company’s wellbeing needs and set a budget. If high turnover is costing £80k in recruitment fees, a five-figure investment seems wise.   4. Survey staff and ask them what they think the company values are and how they would describe the culture. Ask what they would want to see in order to improve their workplace wellbeing.
5. Identify what top-level changes might need to be made – eg, introduction of a remote working or voluntary policy, revisiting office interior design etc.
6. Create a steering group (multiple departments, seniorities etc) to discuss ideas and put a proposal to the board.
7. Involve professionals for advice and guidance. Occupational health professionals and workspace designers can give you an objective view.
8. Make it measurable – your wellbeing agenda shouldn’t be based on ‘touchy-feely’ benefits but tangible ways of investing in your people, improving the business and making it a better place to work.
9. Make sure you have full buy-in from the board and that the importance of wellbeing is cascaded to all line managers.
10. Launch the wellbeing agenda and be held accountable – if you’ve said there’ll be free fruit Thursdays, a ‘get moving’ programme or more regular communication about company performance, make it happen.
11. Regularly survey staff and ask for their feedback. This will give you a benchmark and the ability to see if your wellbeing agenda is delivering the results you wanted for the business and your employees.

To find out more about workplace wellbeing and how to write a wellbeing agenda, download our Workplace Wellbeing whitepaper, which is full of guidance and advice:



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