The importance of retaining and attracting talent.

In a previous post, we discussed research from CIPD/Hays Resourcing which shows that almost 80% of UK businesses have reported recruitment challenges in the last year, putting an even greater pressure on employers to attract, nurture and retain the best talent.

In-demand candidates are now making employment decisions based on more than remuneration and career progression opportunities alone, with wellbeing, working environment, flexibility and the ability to strike the right work-life balance among the new priorities.

We helped Shoosmiths to create a space that fulfils these diverse needs in our design and fit-out of its 40,000 sq ft office in Birmingham – a space which has challenged the traditional idea of what a legal firm looks like. This has set them apart locally and regionally and has played a key role in the recruitment of senior talent. The use of colour, modern finishes and integrated technology shows Shoosmiths to be a modern progressive firm that is focused on helping staff to do the best job in the best possible way.

Shoosmiths understood its needs well. They have made spaces for visiting staff with ample access to power and all the supporting resources they need. They chose a building that would encourage a more collegiate and social atmosphere with all employees on one floor plate, supported with breakout spaces that encourage relaxation and informal meetings. The brand has been brought to life through colour and technology. The visitor experience is memorable thanks to a futuristic reception and statement client toilets. They’ve used the office space to support how they work and to give the right impression of their business. They’ve turned their real estate into a powerful and attractive representation of the brand.

Carol Light, Head of Estates Management at Shoosmiths said about the project, “The team has never held its head so high. There’s real pride in the new environment and it’s lifted morale and productivity now they are all within easy reach of each other, in modern surroundings. It’s a memorable office, and it’s another strategic asset in our bid to attract and retain the very best talent.”

Working environments should support a company’s move to more agile working, be conducive to employee health and wellbeing and reflect the way work is done in that organisation. By getting this combination right, employees will have the full complement of support systems which, combined with remuneration and career progression, will see them more likely to stay in a job.

If employees are faced with intrusive and oppressive workplace noise, can never get a meeting room, don’t have access to the right technology or feel stifled by an uninspiring environment, it also raises questions about productivity as well as recruitment and retention.

If your staff had everything they needed and were engaged and supported, how much more productive as well as happy and loyal would they be? Workplace environments are powerful. Get it right and you can use it to motivate and inspire your workforce, bring your culture to life, support staff wellbeing and help staff to enjoy their work. Get it wrong and you run the risk of giving your biggest assets a reason to leave.

Find out more by watching our video case study of Shoosmiths’ Birmingham office:

Source: Research findings from CIPD.

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