Seven ways to make your workplace support wellbeing.

November 24, 2016    Ann Clarke     

Effective workplace-wellbeing requires the right blend of culture, health and happiness and that means a more social, inspiring environment that supports the way your organisation works.

1. Variety: mix it up – Remove the shackles of desk-only workspaces and give your team the freedom to choose the right environment for them. Younger generations want to be more nomadic, varying their environment depending on what they’re doing so they may want to work on a one project in a relaxed breakout space, concentrate in a quieter zone and brainstorm in a more social and lively space. Don’t forget the importance of employee empowerment and trust though – if the culture isn’t right your employees won’t feel ‘allowed’ to choose.

2. Communicate: get talking – Have clear spaces dedicated to communicating what’s happening within the company. Perhaps a noticeboard could be kept up-to-date with financial performance, staff activity and social gatherings. Let people feel involved and engaged with the company’s objectives and goals and encourage teams to talk about their concerns and challenges.

3. Question the status quo: rethink the space – does the environment actually support the work you do? If it doesn’t, take the time to think how changes to the layout and aesthetics could better support you – it might be relocating departments so there’s a more national flow of information between the two or sacrificing an under-used meeting room in favour of a social space so staff can come together at lunch for meetings.  Make it work for your business.

4. Involve your employees: ask take the time to ask your employees what they want from their environment. Does it really support the culture and values? Involve them and you will make a positive stride forward in engaging, motivating and giving them ownership.

5. Be innovative: get healthy Whether it’s using sit/stand desks to encourage more movement in the working day, introducing healthier food options or investing in showers to encourage cycling to work, don’t underestimate the opportunity you have to instil positive behaviours in your employees.

6. Trust in your team: go mobile If you’ve not already done it and it’s appropriate for your business, consider introducing mobile or remote working. Increased flexibility so that employees can juggle their home and work lives can go a long way to improving happiness, wellbeing and productivity.

7. Be on brand: tell your story Take a fresh look at your workplace and see if it really supports your brand, perhaps you could do more to remind employees of their shared purpose and values.

To find out more about workplace wellbeing and how to write a wellbeing agenda, download our Workplace Wellbeing whitepaper, which is full of guidance and advice:



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