Our top ten tips for working from home

April 21, 2020    Richard Merrick   

  1. Plan your day – What does your day look like, what time are you getting up, what activities are you planning, when/how will you exercise? Make a plan to give you structure and keep you on track.
  2. Make your bed – As a famous US Admiral once said, make your bed in the morning and you’ve accomplished your first task of the day and are ready for the next. Watch his video @ https://youtu.be/3sK3wJAxGfs Lets make the second task being getting dressed – no one wants to catch you in your dressing gown during your morning Zoom meeting!
  3. Hydrate and eat well – Looking after your health has never been so important, keep drinking water and keep your hands off the snack draw.
  4. Apply the ROWE mindset – A Results Only Work Environment is the only way to successfully nail the working from home routine. Set goals, achieve and move on. The 9-5 is truly gone, its all about the rise of the results driven working day.
  5. Set your space up with plenty of natural light – Natural light is important, from a Vitamin D boost through to enhanced mental wellbeing – open the curtains, crack the window and the day always feels better.
  6. Take inspiration from your surroundings – We live amongst our Pinterest pins. Whether you are designing, writing or building something – take the inspiration from around you.
  7. Work where the activity dictates – Whether it be the garden or taking a walk for a call, a quiet room for some concentration or your lounge for those Friday afternoon team drinks – make use of what space you have and remember an activity-based setting still applies at home.
  8. Create a routine – Routine keeps us focused and delivering against those point 4 results. If you’ve children or others in the household encourage them to also adopt a routine – but make sure it flexes around you.
  9. Communicate more than ever – Humans are naturally social and it’s important for wellbeing to keep in regular contact with your colleagues. Utilise the various tech available, including the likes of Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Hangouts
  10. Be kind to yourself – It’s a tough time at the moment, and juggling work and family can be overwhelming. Make sure you take breaks, enjoy your time at home and fit in the occasional treat!


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