Award-winning workspaces – why they matter.

June 27, 2016    Andrew Peers     ,

At a time when the war for talent rages and businesses are forced to work even harder to achieve differentiation, winning awards for your workspace can be super valuable.

Ok, we’re not going to pretend that we only enter our industry awards for our clients’ benefit, of course we’re keen for recognition of our design and fit-out efforts from our peers too. But the truth is that employees are looking for more than just a clear career path and good salary when choosing a future employee. Today’s employees want to work for businesses with values they share and in spaces that support and inspire them every day. Put simply, the workspace is a powerful differentiator in the bid to appeal to, attract and retain the brightest and the best.

We created a new office for law firm Shoosmiths in Birmingham back in 2013 and were tasked with creating a wow factor that would not only impress clients, but play a very tangible role in recruitment too. Now several years on and this has certainly been the case. The former estates director Carol Light told us that the hyper modern gloss finished client suite didn’t fail to stop candidates in their tracks and showed the company’s progressive and client-focused values straight off, plus it had prompted a marked improvement in the quality of candidates coming through the door. Shoosmiths’ client suite toilets, which are unisex, also became the talk of Birmingham, proving that difference makes you memorable.

Blake Envelopes in Yeovil is another example of memorable differentiation. Blake’s office wasn’t in a particular sought after location and its former interior certainly didn’t help. But our transformation of an industrial shed into a glass fronted and grass carpeted open plan space, complete with sky effect ceiling turned that around. Blake Envelopes won the South West Insider Best Commercial Workspace in 2013 for its and our efforts. Its office interior was an effective differentiator.

The war for talent is a global challenge and the companies fairing the best are those using every available weapon in their arsenal to stand out. Highly experienced and motivated employees will seek out those firms that are proven to be the best. That proof can take form in many ways and accolades about your workspace, culture and ethics are perfect examples.

Last year we secured a commendation from the Sunday Times Best Places to Work for List – something that helped to earn us even more recognition as a great local employer. We’ve just been shortlisted for the Mixology ‘fit out practice of the year’, which is another opportunity to raise our profile within the industry and won Warrington Business of the Year in 2015 too. It’s no coincidence that we’ve also recruited a lot of our brightest and best over the last two years too.

Awards, shortlistings and commendations help you to differentiate, tell your story and keep attracting the best in your field. Every business wants to attract the very best talent – just don’t underestimate the power of your workspace in achieving that goal.

To find out more about the war for talent and how to attract and retain the best talent, download our War for talent whitepaper, which is full of guidance and advice:



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