Claremont and the environment.

Claremont aims to set a higher standard in the commercial interiors industry and find a balance between environmental impact, social wellbeing and stakeholder values. In 2014 we achieved ISO 14001, and we continue to implement a variety of business improvement measures to ensure that environmental best practice remains a priority. We also believe that promoting a positive approach to wellbeing supports our commitment to being a sustainable business, as well as benefiting our people.

As a matter of course, all of our waste is recycled and we receive monthly statements reporting the recycling content versus waste going to landfill. We strive for continuous improvement in our efforts to reduce our paper consumption, with the installation of our new MIS system in 2016 helping to reduce our paper usage, meaning many transactions will now be carried out digitally.

Our Green Team, made up of individuals from a cross-section of the company, considers five major factors related to our sustainability initiatives.

Energy and Efficiency

We measure and monitor our energy consumption and have implemented a number of improvements, including motion detector sensors on the lighting and waterless urinals. Further building improvements are taking place during 2017 in our Warrington office as we build an extension to the building and take the opportunity to upgrade the kitchen, lighting and mechanical services.

Happy & Healthy

Filtered water, herbal teas, decaffeinated coffee and fruit are available free to all staff. Our Bristol and Warrington offices have gardens, and we encourage people to use these spaces in good weather at lunchtimes. The Wi-Fi network extends to the garden areas too, which means that meetings and work can also take place outside. Free flu jabs are on offer for all staff in the winter months, along with a huge variety of other benefits including gym memberships being offered to all our people through our subscription to Perkbox.

Planning & Resilience

We are committed to raising awareness of sustainability issues with our people, clients, suppliers and sub-contractors. Staff engagement is an important part of this process, and every year we take part in the “b-heard’’ survey, which is the largest employee survey of its kind in the UK. The survey is carried out by Best Companies Limited, an independent workplace engagement specialist which compiles the well-known annual “Best Companies to Work For” lists.

Best Companies Limited specialises in understanding what fully engages people within their workplace. Staff wellbeing and environmental impact are among the 8 factors that are assessed. The feedback we receive from this forms part of our Business Improvement Measures for the following year.

We use our intranet to promote internal initiatives such as our annual daffodil bulb planting session and healthy charity fundraising breakfasts, and to celebrate success stories such as recycling furniture by donating it to worthy causes. Many products have been donated this way to charities and sports clubs including St. Mary’s Church in Houghton Green, Youthline, and the Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust.

Sustainable Sourcing

It is important that all our manufacturing partners share our environmental ethos by striving to reduce their own impact on the environment and implementing sound manufacturing processes and policies. The majority of our manufacturers are accredited to the ISO 14001 environmental standard, taking this through their own supply chains to ensure greener procurement. We are in the process of creating a traffic light system based on our suppliers’ environmental credentials which will make selection much easier for our designers and our procurement teams.

We insist that our supply partners are committed to ensuring their waste-sorting practices are in line with the latest methods and waste is avoided wherever feasible and recycled whenever possible.

Travel & Transport

We record all mileage on a year on year basis, and encourage car sharing where possible when visiting client sites. We also advocate the use of public transport wherever feasible. We run a car share scheme for our own office in Warrington and support the subsidised ‘cycle to work’ scheme with showers and bike racks available.

Our goal is to get people communicating with as little stress as possible and to this end in 2019 we invested heavily in cloud-based video conferencing services. This is installed in meeting rooms, on PCs and on mobile devices, reducing the need for travel and thereby reducing our carbon footprint whilst improving the work-life balance of our people.

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